Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For my daughters

I need to write more often. This blog is meant to serve both as a record of my daughters' experiences (or at least a record of what and how I saw) - a year in the life, so to speak, and as a space to explore my own thoughts on parenting, parental leave, and what it means to be a father. Therefore, I apologize in advance to anyone who finds that it seems more than a little self-absorbed. But I do hope that as this page evolves, parts of it will be of interest not only to family and friends, who take a natural interest in our family, but for other parents... especially men, who are suddenly thrown into the exciting but frightening role of caregiver, role model, husband (all over again), and superhero.

Chloe is loving having a little sister. It's an adjusment, but she's adjusting so well.  It helps that she's been excited about meeting her little sister now for months. Every morning, the first thing she says when i get her out of bed is, "Where's Emily?" or, "Emily Sleeping?" She gives her gentle and not so gentle kisses, and often tries to hug her in the same manner as she hugs Oliver (our Portuguese Water Dog) - which is to say, far to hard. But she is also aware and wary of Emily's new role in the family. Julie has missed having her around, and Chloe has become my biggest fan. I am flattered despite my knowledge that the source of this new interest is her insecurity in Mommy's more restricted availability. Yesterday, Chloe said to me, "You're my daddy." I said, "of course I am sweetheard, but I'm Emily's daddy too." "No," she said, "you're my daddy.

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