Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emily's favourite song

Ageless Lullaby
by: Dennis O'Toole (Emily's Great Uncle)

Toura loura loura
ke sera sera
I don't know just where you are
so I'll wish upon a star

Even now I'm all grown up and wise
and I have children of my own
I'll hug them and I'll hold them, kiss the tears from their eyes
though at times, I feel lost and alone

And somewhere over the rainbow
I see bluebirds soar high in the sky
and if dreams to come true, I'll sing again for you
when we meet, in that sweet by-and-by

Till then I'll sing, toura loura loura
and recall my mother's eyes
whatever will be will be, thank God the future's not ours to see
still there's strength in those old lullabies

And somewhere deep in my soul
rocks an ageless lullaby
its cradle, like baby, in my memory
singing toura, toura loura, toura lie

* My apologies to the author for any mistakes I may have made in the lyrics.

This song was originally written for my Uncle Dennis' mother (my grandmother) who used to sing Toura Loura (an Irish Lullaby) to him as a child. I've been singing it to Emily to calm her when she's fussy, and it works like no other song. She looks up at me as though transfixed for the entire song, and coos in reply. It's now become part of her bedtime routine. I think it's one of the best of Dennis' many wonderful songs, and I'm happy Emily agrees. With Dennis' permission, and if I'm technologically enough inclined, I'll try to upload the audio of the track at some point.

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  1. It's increadible to witness, really. She'll stop crying, look up, and start smiling almost instantly.