Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shit My Kid Says - February

Mommy had to go to the washroom, but Chloe's potty seat was still on the toilet. She offered to take it off for Mommy:

Mommy: Thanks Chloe, that's very nice of you
Chloe: You're welcome Mommy, 'cause you have a really big bum.


Chloe at a park, while passing a couple of little dogs: Daddy, can I taste them?
Daddy: Taste what honey?
Chloe: The doggies. Can I taste the doggies?


We've been warning Chloe not to touch certain buttons and dials, especially on the stove, oven, etc, so that she doesn't hurt herself.

Chloe, (toy phone in hand): Mommy, don't touch the buttons on my phone or the ambulance will have to come and take you away.

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