Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shit my kid says - March

A typical conversation with Chloe (this morning in the Old Port area of Nice).

Chloe: Daddy, where's the boats?

Dad: They're in the harbour, just over there.

Chloe: But where's the boats?

Dad: Just over there, behind those buildings.

Chloe: But where is they?

Dad: Like I said, just behind those buildings. We'll see them when we go around the corner.

Chloe: Where's the corner.

Dad: Just up here.

Chloe: But where is it?

Dad: Straight ahead of us.

Chloe: But where is it?

Dad: Stop asking me that. We'll be there soon. You can't see it yet.

Chloe: Why can't I see it yet?

Dad: Because it's too far up.

Chloe: Oh....

Chloe: Are we at the corner yet?

Dad: Yes, this is the corner.

Chloe: Oh, Daddy, you can't cross on the red man. Where's the boats?

Dad: There's nobody coming and Daddy can tell when it's safe to cross.

Chloe: Oh... where's the boats?

Dad: Right there Chloe. Do you see the big boats?

Chloe: Oh, those are the big boats?

Dad: Yes

Chloe: Why is they not moving?

Dad: Because the people in the boats don't want to go anywhere right now.

Chloe: Why don't the people want to go anywhere?

Dad: Because they're visiting the town.

Chloe: Oh, like Grandma Pat and Grandpa Ron are visiting Avignon today?

Dad: Yes, just like that.

Chloe: We should call Grandma Pat and Grandpa Ron to see if they're in Avignon yet.

Dad: That's a great idea, but they don't have a phone with them.

Chloe: Oh, why?

Dad: Because they left it at home?

Chloe: They could take ours?

Dad: No, because ours is plugged into the wall.

Chloe: No. Phones aren't plugged into the wall.

Dad: Ours is.

Chloe: Why's it plugged into the wall?

Dad: Because some phones are plugged in and some aren't.

Chloe: Oh.... why?

Dad: Are we there yet?


  1. What a HOOT!!


  2. Love it! Carl actually managed to stop his nephew from asking why after he spent a good hour explaining every single why out of his mouth! Cheers to always asking why and being curious about the world! Kirsti