Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Girl Bed

So Chloe had her big girl bed delivered last night. We've had her pumped about it for days now, and when it finally arrived, she couldn't even finish her dinner she was so excited. We were both excited too, and Julie couldn't wait to be able to cuddle up beside her and read stories in the new bed.

Unfortunately, Chloe was having none of that. She was a big girl now. She told Julie that she didn't want stories or songs or the little stuffed animal she usually takes to bed with her. "I just want my bed mommy. You go now. I go to sleep."

And that was that - no more need for stories, for songs, for good night kisses. Chloe was a big girl now, and didn't need us anymore... or so she thought. All seemed to be going well until about an hour later we heard a crash and scream. Julie walked into the room to see no one on the floor or the bed, just Chloe's hands clutching at the inside edge of the bed, beside the wall. Her head then slowly came up, screaming in terror. She looked like a hiker who'd slipped off the edge of a cliff.

It seems that Chloe had snuggled up against the wall, much as she used to do with the side of her crib, and that the bed had pushed right out from it. Chloe went crashing down in between.  She was shaken, but there was no other damage, thank heavens. We'd put Chloe's crib mattress down beside the bed in  case she fell off, but we hadn't thought of her falling between the bed and the wall! I immediately got some wheel locks from under our bed and put them on Chloe's bed. Chloe was scared but way too proud not to go back to sleep in her big bed.

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