Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A great day

As Julie said earlier tonight, today was one of those days you want to remember when on other days things are not going nearly so well. It was actually one of those days that makes me want to hope, against all reason, that the terrible twos are over - hell, that our jobs as parents are over. "Oh look Julie, that wasn't so bad, was it. It was tough at first, but we've managed to raise a beautiful, smart, well mannered little girl. The education system will take it from here, right? By the way, what kind of wine would go well with dinner tonight?".

O.k., it will be a little while before I can live that little Bourgeois fantasy, but Chloe was a dream today. From the moment she got up until she went to bed (with a few small exceptions), she was polite, sweet, considerate, and understanding. I don't get it. Just when you think your little monster will never be socialized, you get a taste of what it might be like to relate to her in the future, and the taste was golden. I got to spend a whole day with my daughter when she was feeling good, when she had it together. It's not easy being two, and she's often overwhelmed, overstimulated or overtired, and sometimes all at the same time. When she's having a great day, I get to see her at her best - when she's observant, curious, empathetic, and enthusiastic about life.

When Chloe's doing well, we do stuff together, as a team. Whether it's braving a flu vaccine (this afternoon), going pretend grocery shopping (every day, and yes, it's painful at 7 in the morning), or sharing a croissant at the bakery, when she's having a great day, I get invited into her world, to share in her pleasure. And I'm incredibly grateful.

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  1. So happy for you guys! What a great day...hope many more are to come! Kirsti