Sunday, January 2, 2011

The obligatory Christmas post

Well, it's been a while. I'll have to get back into the groove of this. I thought many times that I should write during the holiday season, but the whole time was such a whirlwind, I couldn't get up the energy to do it.

So, what to say about Christmas 2010?  I'll keep it short because, quite frankly, nobody wants to hear about someone else's Christmas (it's like telling someone about your day - people will ask you, but they don't want to know) unless there are some juicy stories, and even if there were some juicy stories... my whole family reads this, so I couldn't go there.

We had a great turkey dinner, or as is common for many young families, multiple turkey dinners. We drove a lot, visited a lot, ate too much, and stayed up too late at night - at least for parents who have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. We'll need a few days at home just to get back to a normal rhythm.

Chloe left Santa some cookies and milk, and in return Santa visited both of her grandparents' houses. At one, he left a stocking and at the other a gift, including the new baby she'd been waiting for with great anticipation. Although, in the end, a little backpack for her to take her toys to France turned out to be a far bigger hit (Dora the Explorer wears a backpack. That could have something to do with it).

Emily, of course was well treated by Santa too, and both girls received a wealth of gifts from family and friends.

What else can I say? There were lots of pictures, lots of laughing and talking and playing with the kids. Chloe had a great time with her cousin Hayden. They chased each other around the house for hours, and Chloe showed a keen interest in the male anatomy (there was a reason she wanted to help get Hayden ready for bed every night).

2010 certainly was a good year for our little family.  As for 2011? Well I guess we'll see. Now our minds turn to the great adventure we have coming up in a few weeks.

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