Monday, January 3, 2011

Shit my kid says - January

Today we were returning a couple of small things at Sears, and while the woman behind the counter was doing her thing, Chloe said to Julie in a big loud voice, "My like to pick Emily's nose." Julie, stunned, embarrassed, and unsure what to say, said, "What Chloe?" And she said it again - "My like to pick Emily's nose." Julie just looked at her and said, "no." Then Chloe said, "Then I like to pick your nose."

Thank God the woman behind the counter was francophone.  Hopefully she didn't catch it. It's bad enough that our otherwise charming toddler picks her nose regularly in public, but to suggest picking others' noses too... what must people think? That we have regular nose picking orgies at our house. You pick my nose, and I'll pick yours. Oh, and by the way, I've got some good tasting wax in my ear too.

There's a book out that's making quite a splash called Shit my Dad Says. It's a compilation of all of the crazy things the author's father has said over the years. I've heard some of them, and they're hilarious. I thought of this book today when Chloe made her charming suggestion. I think I'll start a regular entry about the cute and not-so-cute things my daughter says. The first entry will be hard to top!

Speaking of cute and not-so-cute sayings, Brian Hammett, a friend of ours and father, has just started a great blog about the things his little girl says called, Conversations with Sera. Check it out. It's partly what inspired me to start tracking some of the things Chloe says.

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  1. My colleague's son came into the office for Christmas, and when I asked him what he wanted from Santa, he said, "hair for Mateo-but it has to be red like me!" (his baby brother--the poor kid's a year old and bald).