Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chloe is infatuated with Emily. Yesterday, the two girls and Mom were all sitting on the couch together, and Chloe was stroking Emily's hair (o.k. scalp) and giving her little kisses while she was feeding. Chloe always wants to be around her sister. She's excited, loving, and very protective of our new family member. Of course, she's also finding this change quite an adjustment, and I've never had so many hugs and kisses from her. She certainly notices that attentions that were all focused on her before are now being divided, and it's a testament to her sensitive, inclusive nature, that she does not appear to resent her sister. I keep waiting for Chloe to get mad at Emily or her parents, but she doesn't. She'd just like to be held at the same time as her sister, and reassured that she's still important too.

Julie said something to me yesterday that has stuck in my memory. She said, "you know, their relationship will outlast the relationship they have with their parents." I hadn't thought of this, and it gives me great comfort.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow. That comment sent chills down my spine. In a sense, I was raised as an only child. Stephen lived in an institution from the time I was five and he was ten. I never really had a confident or person who knew life from my perspective(i.e., day-to-day goings-on within our home). I always wished I had a sibling to share the joys and stressors (we all know I've had enough of the latter) with. I know for a fact that is why we decided to be sure that Sera has a sibling. Hopefully they will have a good, no great, relationship throughout their lifetime and be able to rely on each other when they need a shoulder to cry on,a hand to hold or someone to laugh with. Thank you for making the point so well Julie.