Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Standing in line at McDonald's, pained that poor planning after an afternoon of apple picking had led to us having to resort to McNuggets for Chloe's dinner, the lady in front of me drops her Coke on the floor. It wound up on my glasses, on my nose and on Emily's head (I was holding her against my chest, fast asleep). At first I was irritated, but decided I would be friendly about it... after all, it was an accident. The lady, however, didn't apologize, just gave me one of those "what are you going to do" smirks.

A minute later, I turn around, with Emily still asleep on my chest and see a grandmotherly lady smiling at me. I smile back, hoping she's infatuated with Emily and not me, and she says, "poor little girl." I smiled, thinking she was referring to the Coke incident and said, "oh, she's o.k., no problem." "Poor little girl," she says again, "with her neck all twisted to the side like that," she's going to have a sore neck." I looked down at Emily, and yes her neck was, as typical, off to one side. That's how she likes to sleep. I thanked her for her concern and turned back, gratefully, to the teenager behind the counter. All she had to say was how cute my baby was... refreshing.

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